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FANTACY:To Love Is Death

My very own sonnet ✍️πŸ₯° hope you enjoy reading πŸ’ž

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Broken to pieces an elastic metal

Subdued by angered disappointment

Open to the prison of the pains of a broken heart

Amended by words but never healed by actions

My heart sobs and bleeds,my feelings are never tamed

My brush and pen shapes my thoughts to tearful recaps

Shaping me into the cells of a dispirited cave

Mayhap my love is a Walking Shadow

Never to be found,held or kept

But is always worth the search

To me nothing changes and yet nothing remains the change

Swimming in the river of love,the tides are low for the big fish

By the time the tides are risen,I have gone ghost to love

Confused! ‘To Love Is Death’


Published by MIRABEL

#mimibelcares πŸ’ž

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