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In The Stillness Of The Mind’s Ocean Chaos Arouses



I stamp on my ground and ponder on the words of the world.What Legacy has the Earth bestowed on a plebeian?By might wilt’s he grow?Mayhap by strength and Brain.Ye,it is not as heated Power But this kind goeth not out but by ‘ELECTION OF GRACE’

FANTACY:To Love Is Death

My very own sonnet ✍️🥰 hope you enjoy reading 💞

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Broken to pieces an elastic metal

Subdued by angered disappointment

Open to the prison of the pains of a broken heart

Amended by words but never healed by actions

My heart sobs and bleeds,my feelings are never tamed

My brush and pen shapes my thoughts to tearful recaps

Shaping me into the cells of a dispirited cave

Mayhap my love is a Walking Shadow

Never to be found,held or kept

But is always worth the search

To me nothing changes and yet nothing remains the change

Swimming in the river of love,the tides are low for the big fish

By the time the tides are risen,I have gone ghost to love

Confused! ‘To Love Is Death’


This piece was written by my humble self in co-operation with my cousin Brother Ayee Black🥰….hope you enjoy reading,thanks😘

Life is short and it’s left for you to make it sweet so breathe,you no longer accepting the things you cannot change rather change the things you cannot accept

As a black woman you are you rare,your willingness to look at your darkness is what empowers you to change and become that future you desire thus yearning for growth

As black women we are preys of valour, designed with the claws of her Eagle

We are powerful,we are gold.Our beauty is never tamed

And to all my eboni ladies out there…,we are the pride and of Africa


Comparing her Essence to the stars in the sky Her smiles are the last piece to complete the constellation of a virtuous Woman

In morals and prestige she brought me even to the point to learn to say A ,all dressed in faith to stay and to the priest our prayers are made away from home all the way

But never a day mama in her love swayed

Into a rouge her boy has turned rules he broke like eggs and morals learnt flew away like ash stained by coal, dust remained glued to iron

But with hope on flight mama made a way and free I was from all repacutions and dismay

All through my days of learning A, Mama always came and lit my day.That’s the configuration of the essence of the beauty and pride of ma Heart

God Bless You Mama

“Winter Wonderland Love” by Cindy Georgakas — MasticadoresUsa // Editor: Barbara Leonhard

A poem on the resiliency of love

“Winter Wonderland Love” by Cindy Georgakas — MasticadoresUsa // Editor: Barbara Leonhard

This is amazing I had to repress it… Cindy’s a real pen,she has the art of writing in


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